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2022 March Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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How Do Business Loans Really Work: The Fundamentals

How Do Business Loans Really Work: The Fundamentals Business loans are well known for feeling overwhelming. They can be confusing. They often lack clarity. And most of all, they can feel impossible to secure. In reality, business loans are similar to personal loans.  The process is much the same. You first apply to the borrower, generally a bank. You request a set amount, go over the details, and wait to find out whether the firm will lend you the money. If they agree, you will then have some requirements or interest rates involved. This is where the confusion comes in. […]

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Why Merchant Cash Advances are an Ideal Funding Source for Physicians

Why Merchant Cash Advances are an Ideal Funding Source for Physicians From time to time, like any business, medical practices can benefit from additional capital and an array of business loans. Growth, obstacles, and opportunities tend to come when we least expect them to – and they all require cash. However, many physicians are unsure where to start and which options are best suited to their industry. Some physicians find Small Business Administration (SBA) loans are suited to their needs. But others have found they are actually better off with alternative or new financing solutions. That being said, you might […]

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5 Steps To Starting A Small Town Business

Starting a business is overwhelming, to say the least. At the very beginning, the entrepreneur must wear what seems like a countless number of hats. Your list of things seems to be never-ending. It is a constant juggling of what to prioritize and what to shelve until you can afford to get more help.  It is critical to determine early on, what exactly to focus on so that your business can continue moving forward. Every type of business requires a certain type of focus. What if you want to launch a small-town business in your community? What will it take […]

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PPP Loans Come to an End, Here are Top PPP Financing Alternatives

The country may be moving on from the pandemic in many ways, but the effects are still felt heavily by most. Business owners are no exception. So many companies are still struggling to manage the challenges and unforeseen costs of the pandemic. To complicate things further, new trends have emerged, brought about by the need to shift and adapt. All of these costs, changes and trends require the same thing. Cash. And lots of it. For a time, the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program provided small business owners with some relief. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, just under […]

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