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2021 April Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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PPP Loans: Best Practices and Grave Mistakes to Avoid

An injection of extra funding from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is an excellent way to boost your business’s situation. Still, it’s almost criminal to ignore the finest details when applying for and using this loan product. An unfilled signature section can slow down your PPP loan request and delay access to funding. Poor record-keeping can also cause challenges when seeking loan leniency because you must account for every dollar spent to enjoy full forgiveness. PPP Loan Tips & Grave Mistakes to Avoid Below are some strategies to follow when seeking out a Paycheck Protection Program loan. Dental PPP Loan […]

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Implications With PPP Loans Tax: Answers to Your Questions

So many business owners who have received a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) want to put an end to the confusion concerning the PPP loan tax. If you’re one of them and need help with the right payment processing services for your company, don’t leave the page.  Answers to Questions Concerning PPP Loans Tax The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has been serving as light at end of the tunnel for so many business owners during the crisis caused by COVID-19. PPP loans, backed by the SBA (Small Business Administration), give businesses cash flow help for 8 – 24 […]

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Payroll & Its Cash Flow Influence

If you think payroll is always easy to predict or there’s nothing difficult about it when it comes to paychecks, you’re not right. You’d better follow the lines below to learn more about payroll and its cash flow influence.  Payroll & Cash Flow  Payroll is money that companies payout. Unlike accounts payable, it has to do with expense and liabilities accounts. In fact, payroll may represent the least volatile areas of capital outflows.  Businesses need to automatically connect payroll data into their back-office financial management systems. As for customers, they’re increasingly more often applying to payroll providers that can help […]

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6 Important Loan Types for Your Business & Purchases

Do you have a striving business? Maybe you’re just starting or trying to move your existing business to the next level and you need to make urgent purchases, aren’t you? Whatever it is, access to additional working capital in the form of business loans, student loans, etc. is something almost all businesses and many people need at some point in their life. Let’s go through several options and find a reputable business funding provider in the U.S. Business Loans & Funding Options  Working capital can make or break your business. This is also true of people in need of financial […]

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Tips to Defeat Ransomware

How to defeat ransomware? This is a question that you, as a merchant, must be interested in, mustn’t you? If your data gets stolen, you should be prepared for the worse and take the right measures to save the situation. The below article is about what you should do when faced with ransomware. Also, it’s about a reliable and experienced merchant funding provider in case you need access to additional working capital.  Ransomware Attacks & Issues With Business Funding Ransomware isn’t something new, only it’s now more widespread. Today, cybercriminals are more sophisticated and they go on mastering their skills […]

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PPP Loan Forgiveness Guide

Every business owner who applied for PPP funding had loan forgiveness in mind when they hopped on board. But up until now, only a handful know the leniency criteria and how to apply for it. With poor communication from loan providers and limited resources to refer to, most entrepreneurs now rely on incomplete info from their business counterparts or online sources. This guide will take you through everything you should know about leniency and the Paycheck Protection Program. What Requirements Must You Meet to Enjoy Leniency? PPP loans were disbursed in two phases but the loan leniency requirements are similar […]

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Trucking firms Adopt an All-round Strategy To Cash Flow Problems

Nearly all business sectors are feeling the economy’s weight, and trucking is not any different. Challenges continue even as more shopping goes to the web increasing the demand for shipping and transport services. Freight rates are up and down, truckers suffer past due invoices and high operation costs causing financial constraints. Most affected are startup firms and solopreneur drivers. Late payments can cause cash flow hiccups amid a tough economy further affecting supply chains. Startup trucking companies are betting Congress’s long-awaited stimulus package might help remedy these cash flow issues. After all, News from CCJ reports hint Round One of […]

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Minorities Claim It’s Harder To Launch And Grow A Business

According to a report by the US Federal Reserve, less than 47% of loan applications filed by African American business owners are approved. It was also found that more than 50% of companies owned by African Americans were actually rejected for business loans.  Although “black-owned firms” were more likely to seek financial help from banks, less than 47% of these applications were “fully funded”. Even more surprising, when black business owners did get approved for a business loan, the “rate of failure” to obtain financing in its full amount was the highest in all categories, exceeding 10%.  The rejection of […]

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