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2020 November Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Top Business Financing Options that Allow You to Get Cash Fast

From unexpected expenses and cash flow gaps to new opportunities and growing pains, there are so many reasons why a business might need quick cash. In these situations, waiting weeks or even months simply isn’t possible. Due to their requirements and processing times, traditional lenders will not be able to meet your immediate needs. So, where should you turn? The answer is alternative lenders. While these lenders often have higher interest rates and fees compared to traditional options, they are much easier to qualify for. You won’t run into the stringent credit, documentation and collateral requirements. In fact, these lenders […]

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Top Franchise Financing Options for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

So, you’ve decided to buy a franchise? If you’re considering this option, your next thought might be how do I secure the financing I need to get started? The initial investment is very important. It includes all the expenses you will incur to get the ball rolling: franchise fee, grand opening, initial inventory, signage, leasehold improvements, supplies, equipment and more. How Much Is the Initial Investment for Franchises? The initial investment ranges between $75,000 and $500,000 for most franchises. However, the average cost typically floats around $250,000. Keep in mind this initial investment will vary by both industry and brand. […]

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A Step-by-Step Plan for Restructuring Your Business Debt

According to a 2019 Small Business Credit Survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Banks, 70% of small employer firms had outstanding debt last year – and then 2020 rolled in. Due to the changes that have taken place over recent months and the continued uncertainty, many businesses (if not most) are scrambling to figure out how to manage day-to-day costs, preserve their financial goals and manage existing business debt. For many, the answer is coming up with a plan to restructure business debt. If you’re not familiar with how this process works and think it might be a solution for […]

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Need Fast Funding? Complete Guide to Funding Your Small Business

The number of small business owners that have needed funding this year has been staggering. As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation, even businesses in stronger-than-most financial positions found themselves desperately in need of extra capital. Not for big plans or expansion goals, but for day-to-day operating costs and investments in new necessities like remote working teams. If your business is one of the many that is still in need of cash, the key is research. During such a stressful, overwhelming time, it’s easier to jump in with the first lender that will accept you. However, if you want to […]

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Remote Collaboration Tools for Your Team

The pandemic came as a shock to everyone. It was swift, and the changes to how things are done – personal and business – have been hard to keep up with. To stay afloat, businesses across the globe have had to make abrupt changes, both big and small. One of the top challenges has been how to keep workers and teams connected. Many took the leap and invested in various tools and basic technology. As businesses have begun to reopen a surprising number of these companies have decided to accept remote operations as a long-term arrangement. If you are one […]

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4 Tips for Understanding Your New Business’ Finances

Each year, over 627,000 new businesses are opened by eager entrepreneurs with big hopes and dreams for the future.  While their reasons for taking this leap may vary, they all share at least one thing in common: a desire for freedom. Who doesn’t like the idea of leaving their current job for the last time, giving their resignation and becoming their own boss? In reality, there is a huge amount of planning that needs to be done long before a business venture ever gets off the ground. These foundational steps will help ensure your business does not end up like […]

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5 eCommerce Financing Options That Allow You to Keep Your Equity

Now more than ever, businesses need working capital to sustain their operations amid pandemic conditions. Before COVID-19, small business owners had long been struggling to find lenders willing to work with them. Things are even more complicated, since COVID-19 has reshaped the finance landscape. According to FinTechMagazine, more and more offline commerce is moving online. However, many underwriting models for offline businesses don’t translate to eCommerce businesses. This is incredibly unfortunate, considering how many opportunities are available today for these companies. As demand increases for products from online platforms, companies could be making big strides – if they only had […]

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