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2016 December Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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How Your Small Business Can Achieve Efficiency and Growth

Nearly all businesses of the same scale have the same key goals across different industries. According to a 2016 Q4 survey, small businesses want to see improvement in business efficiencies, increase profitability, spend less time on the actual business and generally see business growth. A small percentage of these businesses are already actively employing measures to attain the desired growth. A larger percentage of them are however aware of what they need but are yet to make any notable steps toward achieving the same. They need to make changes that will enable them to either expand their customer base or […]

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Best Practices for Success as a Transportation Business Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs learn in different ways, either through personal experiences or through lessons from those who have been in the practice before. Regardless of the type of business you want to pursue, there are some lessons that apply across the board and can lead to significant success in the business. Let’s look at some. Always do the right thing There are sets of values we all profess. They may differ from person to person and based on the kind of business you are running. The bottom line is that every entrepreneur knows what they value as right. When you are faced […]

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Why Small Business Lending Services May Improve Further

Merchants can rest assured that the small business funding will continue to improve as mission driven lenders have set to better the services through collaboration and implementation of necessary changes. Data has shown a major growth in marketplace lending, something that some lenders now consider as proof of a growing market. And they are stepping in to not only provide the required service (small business loans), they are actually working on making it better for consumers (small business borrowers). Marketplace lending has gone up by more than 700 percent over the last four years. Data from 13 of the largest […]

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Line Of Credit: What It Is and How to Get It

Every business runs into unanticipated circumstances that could lead into a cash flow crisis. Customers may delay to pay bills, influx of new workers would mean additional expenses and an unforeseen drop in sales would have an effect on working capital. All these are common examples of circumstances that lead a small business into dire need for cash. A business line of credit becomes handy in these situations. It’s a business loan that’s intended to help you, the small businesses entity, to meet your short-term cash needs such as exemplified above. It enables the small business to sustain itself in […]

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A Look into Challenges Small Business Borrowers Face

When it comes to access to credit services in the US like in any country, small businesses have far more serious roadblocks compared to their bigger colleagues. More specifically, here are some of the challenges that small business borrowers encounter more often. Limitations of geographic location Richer neighborhoods are more likely to be considered for credit as opposed to poorer ones. And it has become increasingly easier to separate the two social classes since the richer and the poorer groups have clustered farther away from each other over the last few decades. Inequality in terms of incomes has measurably gone […]

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3 Key Pointers to a Business Loan Scam

There’s a growing number of funding options available for small businesses that traditional banks are often less willing to finance. Unfortunately, scammers are coming in to take advantage of the situation with the aim of duping unsuspecting small business owners. These illusory characters operate both within the United States and from outside the country. They can steal money or personal information from innocent businesses by posing as legitimate loan brokers, lenders or other small business funding services willing to help out. Admittedly, it can be challenging to single out these unscrupulous individuals and companies from the plenty of reputable, legitimate […]

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