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2016 December Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Small Business Funding Methods To Consider

Alternative lending options provide business owners with a myriad of funding options. However, small businesses may sometimes find it challenging to get approved for a business loan because of risks associated with their newborn company. If you’re concerned with getting financing for your startup, consider the options mentioned below Microloans This option provides solid loan terms, and you may be able to get funding more easily. These loans can help you grow your business and build better credit without major difficulty.   Alternative Lending (Cash Advance) In recent years, cash advances have become popular among small business owners looking for business […]

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Staring A Business With (Almost) No Money

Starting a business is an exciting endeavor. Being fascinated with the idea of launching your product or service is not enough: you need to have enough finances. What if you don’t have the necessary resources? Even if it seems a major problem to you, you should find the best way out and focus on pursuing your dreams. Different businesses require different approaches. The important thing is to know how much you need before starting to find an alternative method to finance your business. Take into account the following factors: Do you need licenses and permits to operate? Are you going […]

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How Business Owners With Bad Credit Get Business Funding

Business owners have always been concerned about getting funding for their business. Things may get challenging if you have bad credit. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not possible to get the necessary capital for your business needs. The most important thing is to approach the situation in the right way. The Importance of Your Credit Lenders examine your credit to get an idea on how you manage your business and what they can expect from you. Perfect credit scores are required by banks. Alternative lenders usually don’t pay so much attention to your credit history. Consider turning to a reputable […]

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Guide to Merchant Cash Advances

If you need to finance your small business quickly, a merchant cash advance can be a great solution to your problem. MCAs are becoming more and more popular in the modern world of business, and many small business owners view an MCA as the best funding option to consider. A merchant cash advance shouldn’t be regarded as a loan. You get a lump sum from the MCA provider, which is automatically repaid based on a percentage of your daily credit card receipts. The mentioned percentage is known as “holdback” or retrieval rate. Usually, it may range from 5% to 20% […]

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4 Ways to Consider Financing Your Business

Stepping into the world of business to offer your own products or services to the world is an exciting endeavor. Many entrepreneurs need business funding to take their business off the ground and grow. If you, as a business owner, follow the right steps, you’ll easily convince an individual or a lender to invest in your business. Here are 4 important factors to focus on when applying for a business loan A Solid Business Plan A business plan is made up of several important components. It serves as a living document for the upcoming 3-5 years, and can grow and […]

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What to Look For Small Business Funding Options

Some business owners use their own savings or finances to fund their startup, others may need additional resources from an outside source. Happily, small business owners have a myriad of small business funding opportunities nowadays, and the landscape goes on evolving with rapid advances. Alternative or non-bank online lenders provide more choices for business owners in recent years. It has become extremely important for entrepreneurs to evaluate the terms offered by lenders so to choose the right option for their business. Below you can find several important factors that can help you evaluate your potential lender. Speed and convenience are […]

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La Escasez de Transporte en América Está Creando Nuevas Oportunidades de Carrera

La industria del transporte está luchando para satisfacer la demanda de una mejora en la economía , y un aumento explosivo de las ventas en línea . Las asociaciones de transporte por carretera de América acaban de publicar su , U.S. Transporte de carga de las previsiones para 2027 . Según sus previsiones , que , entre 2016 y 2027 , la cantidad de camiones de carga ayudará el envío incrementando  casi un 27% . El Presidente de ATA y CEO Chris Spear informa que , “ A  medida que nuestra economía sigue creciendo , camiones continuarán moviendo la gran […]

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Common Cash Flow Challenges That Can Affect Your Business

Scale notwithstanding, every business experiences fluctuations in cash flow and revenue. These come naturally as the business continues to run. What causes fluctuations in revenue? Revenue traditionally goes up when business is good. That upward trend in revenue is essentially what’s desired. But there are times when that does not happen and the business starts to experience a decline in the revenue it generates. There are a number of factors that can cause falling revenue: Market volatility. Changes in the economic conditions tend to force consumers to spend less on various discretionary consumption’s. Such trends may happen from time to […]

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Various Repayment Options Available With Cash Advance

Cash advance repayment schedules are normally volume-based in nature and as such the process can be quick or slow depending on the company’s revenue. It’s also noteworthy that the length of repayment does not impact the amount required to be repaid because of the fixed nature of the interest on cash advance. Cash advance is therefore flexible and allows for multiple options for repayment. Asset-based cash advance An asset based cash advance involves attaching a lien to an asset such as a fixed portion of inventory or a piece of equipment. This in effect gives the provider a risk-free way […]

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How To Sell Your Small Business

Small business is considered the cornerstone of many global economies. Small businesses comprise the largest number of businesses operating in the economy of any given country at every given point. With the large number of companies falling in this category of businesses in different countries, a significant number of them change ownership each year. There are different reasons why a small business owner may want to sell the business to someone else. Retirement – you may want to retire from active business work after running the company for long enough. With that, you will want to get some income out […]

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