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2016 January Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Small Businesses Add to Job Growth Jump

It’s been said that small businesses help America exist. Perhaps it’s true, especially in the end days of a recession. You can thank small businesses for bringing back the job market, and helping our economy recover. While the big-box corporations employee many, it’s small businesses that help bring communities alive, and keep it going throughout good and bad times. This is great for existing merchants, and for those who are looking forward to entering the business world. And while times are good for business growth, sometimes small businesses need extra funding to get started. This, however, it soften easier said […]

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A Cash Advance with Bad Credit? It is Possible!

Bad credit hinders merchants with many things, from merchant accounts to financing, and sometimes even licensing. While licensing requirements cannot be helped, merchant accounts and financing are available for those with bad credit. The latter tends to be the hardest to find, and most of the time the standby bank loan is the worst choice for a merchant. Luckily for US-based merchants, it is possible to get a cash advance with bad credit – if you know where to look. Bank loans are the worst option for bad credit merchants, and not because of the high interest rate. Bank loans […]

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Start Up Marketing Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot

New businesses can take the cheap – err, cheaper – route when it comes to marketing a start up company. Yes, there are pricier ways to get customers attention, but sometimes the cheaper ways can be your best bet. The issue for many start up merchants is that even cheap options can be costly, especially when you are short on cash. One of the best options on the cheap is the use of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are great avenues to get new customers, and they are mostly free. With Facebook, you can pay to have your […]

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E-Commerce sites Can Benefit from a High Risk Cash Advance

Most every business can take advantage of online sales. Even if you have a car dealership, you can garner interest with a website and preapproval applications can speed up the purchasing process. Websites can be costly, and hiring a developer can be both costly and a challenge. Lucky for today’s high risk merchants, there are financing options available to help their e-commerce needs. A high risk cash advance can help your business keep ahead of the competition. Whether you are in need of cash to pay for a website, or new equipment, or even to pay company bills, a high […]

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Ways to Help Your Business Stand Out

Every business is unique, and every business should be represented uniquely. What works for your competition may not work for you, and vice versa. There are multiple ways for every business to advance their sales, and many times these methods are not costly. Even so, for a struggling business even the cheapest advertising can put a crimp into a company wallet. For money issues, merchant cash advance options should be the first choice to fund any needed expenses. From extra employees to advertising to unexpected bills, a merchant cash advance is used to help better any aspect or need of […]

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“Risk more than others think is safe. Dream more than others think is practical.” – Howard Schultz       Online lending options have recently become incredibly popular in the marketplace. The reason is that traditional banks usually refuse to approve small businesses for loans. Online Lending Marketplace According to the Harvard Business School Working Knowledge blog, banks gave loan approval to only 14% of small businesses in 2015. Moreover, a Harris Poll in the Wall Street Journal revealed that 19% of small-business owners didn’t invest as they couldn’t get a small-business loan. Having been in business for less than 2 two years, […]

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“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford Businesses with bad credit may face obstacles in their way. Take the right steps to survive the competition and overcome the challenges. Small Business News ObamaCare, or the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA), has recently introduced new regulations for small businesses in the United States. If you employ more than 50 people, you must, by law, provide them healthcare or you must pay a fine. Banks have pulled […]

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Many college students try to launch their own small business. Below, you can find tips that will help you start your small business and succeed. Your Status Can Help You Being a student enables you to take entrepreneurship classes, use assignments to do studies, and research the market you’re interested in. Besides, you can meet business owners in the field you’re going to enter and learn about the existing challenges. Also, you can turn to target groups, and ask them about their likes and dislikes about your competitors. Such feedback will help you make your offerings better. Don’t Miss School-Sponsored […]

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“Investing money is the process of committing resources in a strategic way to accomplish a specific objective.” – Alan Gotthardt It’s not easy to run a business, especially if have low capital. If you’re trying to invest successfully, consider taking the below-mentioned investment tips. These are particularly great for small-business owners. Choose Penny Stocks Penny stocks, common stocks sold for less than a dollar on the market, are great for new investors. Small business owners can start with penny stocks, then study the market, and become more skillful as an investor. If you’re doing a small business, you can continue […]

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“Planning is bringing the future into the present.” – Alan Lakein Small business operation implies relatively limited budgets. If you’re a small-business owner, you should save up money wherever you can. Small Business Concerns As a business owner, you should have a thoroughly-designed budget plan so to successfully track and manage your finances. This is especially important in those cases when you face unexpected business expenses. According to a 2015 survey held by small-business credit provider Headway Capital, 57% of small-business owners expected growth, and 19% were worried about the impact that unexpected expenses could bring to their business. Sometimes […]

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