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2015 December Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Women Merchants Should Not Devalue Their Worth

More and more women are becoming merchants, and for some the main issue comes in the form of pricing. It can be hard to break into any industry, and while we are in the 21st Century, women merchants are still looked at differently than their male counterparts. Because of this, many women choose to undervalue or undersell their services. This should not be what happens, and women should take control of their business, by pricing their services at the industry-standard and not by a short-selled price. One main issue comes with marketing and getting the word out. Social media is […]

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New Technology Provides Restaurants New Business

The hottest new app that is pleasing NYC restaurants and diners is HungerPass. HungerPass helps restauranteurs fill their restaurant during “non-peak” hours, whilst giving diners a discount for booking tables. This technology is great for all involved, but it can be tough for a struggling restauranteur to get involved in this new trend. While HungerPass isn’t the most expensive marketing method, it can be costly. Being featured can cost, and with the discount you are giving your customers for booking, you may be losing out on some funds. However, the joy of having a full house on a typically slow […]

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“Our goal is long-term growth in revenue and absolute profit. So we invest aggressively in future innovation while tightly managing our short-term costs.” – Larry Page General accounting conventions, including QuickBooks, give 2 different approaches to how you can measure your business revenue. To get a better idea of these approaches, you should know the difference between cash basis accounting and accrual basis accounting. Cash Basis And Accrual Basis Accounting Cash Basis Accounting – Refers to recording your revenue when payments are received, and recording your expenses when payments are made. Accrual Basis Accounting – Refers to recording your revenue when […]

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“The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.” – Walt Disney One of the most challenging points in a startup business is to attract customers. This is especially true of businesses that don’t have any marketing background. Below you can find the main marketing principles for starting and growing a business. Gain A Better Understanding Of Yourself – Spend time to make your product or service unique so to stick out a mile. Making your product or service special will help you be different and survive the competition. You should also create a clear mission and […]

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The Differences between Traditional Loans and a High Risk Cash Advance

The reason a business is categorized as being high-risk is typically based on these two conditions: it either operates within a high-risk industry and/or there is a potential risk of financial failure. The problem for businesses is that banks and merchant account providers consider a high level of chargebacks, refunds and returns and credit card fraud as even more reason to categorize businesses with these challenges as high risk. Companies within industries that experience high numbers of fatal or nonfatal accidents are also considered as such. In our 21st century business environment, brick-and-mortar retail, electronic merchants, start-ups and existing businesses […]

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