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2014 November Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Low Credit Scores Don’t Mean You Can’t Get a Small Business Loan

Are you one of the thousands who suffered a foreclosure during the recession? Were you forced into bankruptcy protection? Or were you one of the millions who stuck it out robbing Peter to pay Paul with late payments up and down your credit report? Do you now find yourself in a position where you need immediate cash for your company and want a small business loan? With your credit rating, who will have you? First you need to understand your credit report. If you currently have late payments, yes your credit rating will be affected. However, if you brought them […]

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New Tax Rules Could Possibly Hurt Medical Marijuana Merchants

As it stands now, selling medical marijuana is a high risk business as designated by the credit card associations. When it was approved in the first state there were quite a few news clips about long lines – and that the brick and mortar stores were cash only. They did not have a Medical marijuana payment processing. Patients were crossing state lines to get their prescriptions filled. Why do the card associations still consider this high risk? Is it because with all the cash flowing the stores were magnets for robbers? The first and foremost reason is that cannabis is […]

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How a Countertop ATM Machine Equals Growth for Your Retail Business

Merchants across the country are looking for ways to save money while making money in this slow economy. Setting up a countertop ATM machine can help increase sales to accept more than cash only. Many consumers don’t carry around cash these days and driving to the bank leads to slower turnover rate. Merchants can charge $2, $3, $4 or more per transaction. Buying, leasing, or even inquiring about a free ATM program could increase your sales opportunity. A new and profitable way of processing bankcard payments is by cashless ATMs, also known as Point of Banking terminals. Cashless electronic transactions […]

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Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Your business may have reached a crossroad where you need to expand your operation for larger market share or take the other path and focus on maintaining a smaller operation with steady, albeit, restricted income. Whichever path you take, you should think about your growth strategy before committing. One key question to remind yourself whichever path you take is, how can marketing help you drive business growth? In regards to today’s digital age, Marketing focuses on the web site content: text, images, video. Everything starts with a web site with these fundamentals: loads in under 3 seconds, smartphone ready, UX-friendly […]

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Don’t Let Bad Credit Stop You from Getting a Business Loan

It is often difficult for small business owners to obtain a business loan, even if they have an outstanding credit rating. That means that it is twice as difficult for those with bad credit to obtain a business loan. Luckily there are alternative funding options for small business owners that have bad credit. When any of these other options are used, different criteria are analyzed for funding consideration. The criteria that is typically examined includes the business’ bank deposit history, credit card sales, credit partners and other alternative data. This makes it easier for small business owners with bad credit […]

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How to Get a Business Loan with Bad Credit

Business owners who wish to get small business loans or a small business cash advance with bad credit often face a daunting challenge. Many lenders refuse to give a business loan to those with bad credit because they are viewed as a risk, and lenders that are willing to issue loans to those that have bad credit often do so under terms that create even more debt for the business owner. Luckily, there are a few alternatives for business owners that need a small business cash advance with bad credit. Business owners may still be able to receive a loan […]

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