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2013 July Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Why Restaurants Use Merchant Cash Advances?

  A cash advance is a payment made out to a merchant in return for a set upon percentage of debit and credit card sales. Cash advance institutions provide businesses with a lump sum amount against that business’ future credit and debit card sales. Cash advances are mostly utilized by restaurant and retail companies that usually have strong credit card sales. When it comes to a restaurant cash advance, repayments are automatically handled by the respective credit card processing company. This works by taking an agreed upon percentage on the daily debit and credit card sales. The cash advance repayment […]

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Check Processing For High Risk Merchants

  Electronic check conversion involves turning a manually written check on a piece of paper into an electronic check. This is made possible by placing the check inside a machine that reads the information off the check. Once the information has been read off the check, the holder usually uses that information to make a withdrawal. Electronic check processing is fast gaining popularity among businesses due to: • Reduced processing costs • Reduced billing costs • Deposits are received sooner • Increased sales • Reduce the hassle and cost of paper checks. • Facilitates more payment options. • Deposit checks […]

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Short term business cash advance

 A Short term business loan is an alternative to the traditional business loan. This type of financing is also    known as a merchant cash advance. These types of advances are normally given to businesses that do not qualify for the conventional bank loan due to either bad credit or any other bank loan requirement. This arrangement is usually leveraged against a borrower’s future credit card sales. A business benefits from an upfront cash advance whereas the lender acquires rights over an agreed upon portion of the borrower’s  credit card business sales. Short term business cash advances are gaining popularity […]

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Merchant Cash Advance For Online Businesses

The merchant cash advance as a financing alternative is fast gaining popularity as a funding option among businesses. In the credit market, this type of advance is also known as a receivables and credit financing. A merchant cash advance involves advancing money to merchants upon agreement with the prospective lender taking a portion of the businesses future credit card sales so as to clear the debt. Merchant cash advance for online store and telephone merchant cash advance widen the financing scope for companies that would have perhaps had limited sources of financing. This mode of financing is often easy, quick […]

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Is There Business Funding Available For Startups?

Startups require capital to move from being a business concept into a fully fledged business operation. This move requires an entrepreneur to seek capital through various funding options available to them. Most business loans for startups require the entrepreneur to pitch their business concept to their prospective lenders in order to secure funding. Funding is important to a startup, as it’s this initial capital that enables the startup pay for incorporation expenses, inventory and marketing. There are various funding options available for startups to secure the much needed capital to carry out their business operations. When selecting the most appropriate […]

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How to get working capital fast

In the event that a business finds itself in cash strapped situation for whatever reason. The availability of funds to enable a business fulfill its day to day financial obligations is vital to that business’ existence. Working capital applies to a business’ ability to meet all its financial obligations consistently. Inability of a business to meet its financial obligations could adversely affect its credit ratings and reputation. There are a number of factors that affect a business’ working capital level or the need for that business to source for working capital funds. Some of these factors include the cost of […]

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Getting a business loan with bad credit

It’s a common misconception among people that businesses with bad credit cannot get financing options. The truth is that businesses with bad credit can indeed access a loan. Their options are somewhat limited, and such a business search for a loan would really have to involve borrowers whose loan policy is lenient on businesses with bad credit. These borrowers have loan products tailor made for businesses with bad credit. Some of these loan programs designed for businesses with bad credit include but not limited to Bad Credit Business Loans (SBA Commercial Loans), Story Lenders and Poor Credit Commercial Mortgages (Commercial […]

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